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The applications for the 2024-2025 school year will open in July. Due to the overwhelming response we've received in the past, we anticipate that our limited seats will be filled quickly. To ensure your child's enrollment, we recommend submitting your application early.


If you would like to donate to Alpha Academy, you can do so through our Eta Eta Lambda Foundation.

The Alpha Academy Mentoring Program (Alpha Academy) is a mentoring program designed to build, develop, and enhance young African American males from grades 3-12 into well-educated, strong leaders, and
community advocates equipped with tools needed to evolve into effective and educated leaders that will actively contribute within their communities. Statistics prove the value of this extra impetus in making the difference in the success of young African-American men, given that school completion is the single best predictor of future
economic success.  How do we achieve these qualities?


  • Engaging, interactive, motivational, and applicable workshops.

  • Exposure to educational, leadership, and community involvement opportunities through positive relationships with mentors and role models

  • Instilling a sense of pride, self-awareness, and purpose.

  • Enhancing their knowledge, skills, and abilities.

  • Developing leadership qualities/teaching leadership principles that will place them on a firm path to success.

  • Promoting the importance of completing secondary and collegiate education as a road to advancement.

  • Strengthen their character, elevate their standards, and teach them accountability.

  • Teaching conflict resolution.

  • Teaching public speaking and providing opportunities to practice.

  • Emphasizing health and wellness.

  • Sex education (grades 6-12 with a signed permission slip).

Latest Alpha Academy News


Brothers at Kids-N-Kaboodle

June 2, 2024

Brother participated in the Kids-n-Kaboodle event at the Bates Athletic Complex, Spa Rd. This event allowed community organizations to share information about community resources they offer but mostly to have a day of joyous laughter and creative play. Photos are of brothers volunteering at a book giveaway station. Children could take as many books as they wanted. There was a range of book topics and reading levels—something for ages 3 and up.


Alpha Academy Fishing Trip with Arundel HS

May 30, 2024

On May 30th, The Alpha Leaders from Arundel High School went fishing! This was a first time experience for most of our mentees. We left Arundel High School just after 6AM on Thursday May 30th to travel to Off Da Hook Fishing Charters in Chester Maryland. On the way, thanks to Bro. Andre Dillard & Bro. Dr. Hughes, we were able to take a group of mentees we have started meeting with recently, on the fishing trip with us. We picked them up on the way. This was also a first time experience for all of the Annapolis High group. By 7:30 we were on the water. We traveled about a mile out, got brief instructions and got right to it! Though the fish we caught were mostly spot fish, our mentees did an amazing job catching between 50-100 fish total. We anchored in two locations during our trip. It was amazing to see these young men learn how to bait their hook, watching their hesitation with handling the bait worms, watching them cheer as they caught their first fish and created mini competitions to see who would catch the most fish, learning how to handle the fish to remove them from the hook, and just enjoying themselves overall. This is an experience that they will never forget.


Bro. Omosun Takes Students to See The Wiz on Broadway

May 30, 2024

Bro. Davesus Omosun, a Professional School Counselor at Annapolis High School, along with Co-Advisors of the Black Student Union at Annapolis High School and Crofton High School took 50 students on a journey to New York City to see the historical remake of a timeless classic The Wiz on Broadway. Students were able to explore the sights and sounds of Times Square as well as engage in an educational talk back with working professional actors. This experience was made possible by the support of Bro. Hughes and The Office of Equity at Anne Arundel County Public Schools and the Zeta Gamma Foundation.


Alpha Academy - Alpha Leaders - Etiquette Training at Arundel HS

May 23, 2024

On May 23rd, our Alpha Leaders group of AAMP learned valuable lessons in dining etiquette. This session was led by Katina Webster of Etiquette by Design. They learned different skills such as Social Graces such as expressing gratitude, respect and consideration, appreciation of food, adaptability, how you are supposed to be served, they learned about all of the different types of plates and utensils and their uses, proper table manners. These skills gave them confidence in social situations as they learned how to navigate formal dining settings, which is also beneficial in professional settings and can leave positive impressions on colleagues, clients, and potential employers. Mastering dining etiquette is a lifelong skill that can benefit individuals in both personal and professional aspects of their lives, contributing to their overall social competence and success and we are glad to say our mentees are off to a great start!!


Alpha Academy - 3rd Annual Pinewood Derby Raceday

May 18, 2024

3rd Annual Pinewood Derby Race Day


Alpha Academy - Presenting Yourself, Etiquette, and Painting

April 20, 2024

The main theme was presenting yourself as a black male, etiquette, robot control, and pinewood derby car painting. More information will be added shortly.


Bro. Dr. Bedell Addresses Mentees at Annapolis High School

April 9, 2024

HHL Brothers supported Chapter Brother and Superintendant of Anne Arundel County Public Schools, Dr. Mark Bedell, as he addressed high school students at Annapolis High.


Alpha Academy Trip to the African American History Museum and MLK Statue

March 18, 2024

Alpha Academy chartered a bus and took Arundel High School students in our Alpha Leaders program to Washington, D.C., to the African American History Museum and the MLK Statue.


2024 Youth Symposium

March 9, 2024

HHL was proud to collaborate with the ladies of Sigma Gamma Rho Lambda Delta Sigma Chapter on their Annual National Youth Symposium. The event was held at Arundel High School and hosted close to 100 youth coming from Alpha Academy, Rhoers, and Rhosebuds.

The keynote speaker was Mrs. Jackie Smalls, VP of Social Impact at Discovery Education.

Workshops included:
* STEM Activities by Bro. Moore
* Wee Savers which provided knowledge, financial literacy strategies, and real-life money management skills while having fun. MECU & MCEE
* Financial Literacy workshop by SECU.
* Fire Safety/Fire Truck Anne Arundel County Fire Department
* Stop The Bleed where attendees gained the ability to recognize life-threatening bleeding and intervene effectively
* Financial Aid by a speaker from Morgan State
* Distracted Driving by Allen Griffen, owner of B&A Driving Academy
* Craft Station - Bath Salts/Lip Gloss/Craft Station/Painting by Philo I. Smith
* Dining Etiquette Workshop by Katrina Webster
* Cybersecurity by Ms. Tabron
* Face Painting
* Advocating for Children with Disabilities by Latasha Gross


AAMP - Arundel High "Alpha Leaders" do CIAA!!!

February 28, 2024

Today, the Alpha Academy mentor program's Alpha Leaders group at Arundel High were able to experience Education Day at CIAA today, speaking with attendees and reps from many different HBCUs, getting a lot of valuable information, and getting to experience VSU's Trojan Explosion Marching band. They also got to experience the VSU vs Johnson C. Smith men's basketball game. They had an amazing time!!!!


D9 Day at Meade Middle School

February 27, 2024

HHL chapter brothers spoke at Meade Middle School sharing information about College, Black Fraternities and the importance the Divine 9 plays in the communities they serve in. Thank you Bro. Andre Dillard (Sp.92 ΡΠ) Bro.Miguel Smith ( Sp. 00 ΔΣ) Bro. Glen Douglas (Sp.09 ΔΘΛ) Brian Boles (Sp. 18 ΗΗΛ) Bro. Malik Branch (Sp. 22 HHΛ)


Alpha Academy February 2024 Session

February 10, 2024

Overall: We are excited that attendance is holding steady after the new year. After introductions, presenting the overview for the day, and feeding the mentees, we introduced the Origin of Black History Month to all of the mentees. This topic was both informative and engaging for the mentees. The focus on the origin of Black History Month was particularly relevant and essential for the mentees to understand and learn about. We introduced the topics in a way that allowed for discussion and reflection on the contributions of famous African Americans that are in relation to the 2024 Black History Month theme – African Americans and the Arts.

After our group discussion, we split up so that each age group could continue with their projects and learning journeys. Elementary school mentees continued their STEM learning journey by learning more about the EV Storm robot and created a program that they downloaded to the robot that focused on its movements. The middle school mentees were guided through the recap of each step of the car design process, from sanding to discussing potential and kinetic energy. They have been asked to bring their completed cars to the March session. The High School mentees were split into two teams and played Black History Month Kahoot it where the winner will receive gift cards in March. The questions focused on notable African Americans who significantly contributed to society, African Americans in the Engineering Field, and important Black History facts.

Elementary: The elementary school student portion of the February session went very well. The students were very enthusiastic and highly motivated. During the session, students learned the various components that make up the EV3 Mindstorm robot and how they function. In addition, students created a computer program to download from the desktop to the robots. Their programming focused on robot’s movement. After the session, one of the students came up to me and said, "You did good!"; As a teacher that comment really meant a lot.

Middle School: For the individual middle school curriculum, we planned activities like the Black History card game and Kahoot trivia, which likely added an element of fun while still reinforcing crucial historical knowledge. Incorporated the Pinewood Derby car recap session of hands-on activities was fantastic for teaching practical skills and principles of physics and car maintenance. Bro. Boles, Askins, Wilson and Hood actively guided the mentees through the recap of each step of the car design process, from sanding to discussing potential and kinetic energy. Encouraging the mentees to bring their completed cars to the next meeting fostered accountability and a sense of accomplishment. A few mentees still needed to complete the sanding part, but they ensured the team they would have the cars completed for the next AAMP meeting on March 9, 2024. The mentees were instructed to bring their cars in the shoe box.

High School: The high schoolers were divided into groups. They played Black History Kahoot it against each other where we focused on important Black History facts and notable African Americans in the Engineering field and who have significantly contributed to American society. Two captains were named by Bro. Hardman: Evan and Tobias. Then, we went around the room as they selected their teammates. It was the Ravens (Evan's Team on the right side of the room) vs the Patriots (Tobias' Team on the left side). We proceeded to play the game; it was fun, as we had a few lead changes. We then proceeded to address the answers to the questions using the notes to the questions as a starter. Brothers Kenneth Williams, Dillard, and Simmons assisted Bro. Hardman and Bro. Hood with leading conversations around the Kahoot it facts.


Alpha Academy January 2024 Session

January 13, 2024

We had a great turnout for our first session of 2024 this past weekend. We are excited that attendance is improving and hope to finish the program and the school year strong. Your attendance is important.

After introductions, presenting the overview for the day, and feeding the mentees, we did a presentation on the importance of Time Management and Organizational skills. We introduced them to Time management and its importance, the Eisenhower Matrix, why time management matters, common time wasters, and tips for effective time management. They were left with worksheets to assist them with personal time management. After our group discussion, we split up so that each age group could continue with their projects and learning journeys.

Elementary school mentees continued their STEM learning journey by working in teams to learn the engineering concepts behind robots and build their own robot.

Middle school mentees received their cut Pinewood Derby cars and should be sanding their cars between now and our next meeting on Feb 10th.

The High School mentees participated in a resume building workshop and played Red Ink’d Taboo where they learned about personal branding, different ways to describe various career professions, and how to translate the work they do and hobbies they have into relevant work experience to be included on their resumes and college applications. They were left with worksheets to assist them in resume building. They are supposed to be answering the questions and bringing the worksheets back with them next month.


Alpha Academy attends Morgan State University 10th Annual STEM Expo

November 18, 2023

Alpha Academy loaded up the bus and traveled to Baltimore to attend Morgan State University's 10th Annual STEM Expo. Nearly one thousand students and adults attended this fabulous event which featured activities and workshops from a variety of MSU Departments, DoD Components, and other organizations including Patriot Technology Training Center, Learning Undefeated, and STEAM our Dreams. The event was highlighted by a discussion with Lt. Col George Hardy, one of the two surviving Tuskegee Airmen.


Alpha Academy - Session #2 Hygeine and College Fair

November 11, 2023

Punt Pass & Kick competition was a good time for the elementary and middle schoolers. There was a lot of good information presented in the Hygiene presentation led by Mr. Turner. We also had a good turnout of high schoolers make it out to the College Fair in Ft. Washington. The college fair was very well attended, with over 70 schools. We received a thank you letter from the host chapter in hopes that we attend next year!


Alpha Academy Session #1 Summary

October 14, 2023


We had a great turnout for our first actual session. After introductions, presenting the overview for the day, and feeding the mentees, we covered the topic of “Positive Behaviors and Relationships”. We had a lot of great feedback from the mentees as we discussed relationship factors, stereotypes, and how to treat women. Then we split into our groups to start our sessions.


The mentees engaged in their first Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) activity, focused on engineering, including defining the profession, and the required academic preparation. The students learned about the different types and characteristics of engineers. We introduced the engineering design process and how this process is used to systematically solve problems. The goal was to reinforce that engineers are problem-solvers who can improve the lives of people with creative solutions, including for personal and technical problems. The students were given a scenario and were required to use the information presented to build a futuristic Ferris wheel prototype from a STEM kit that will be used in a Star Trek movie. The students were engaged and eager to learn how to use STEM kits, and very quickly moved to begin the project. They did a great job of assembling the Ferris wheel, as each was different and reflected their personalities.

Middle School:

The mentees started learning about the Pinewood Derby car project that they will be completing over the course of the school year. We touched on the process and timeline and explained the tournament “Race Day” that will take place in May of 2024. Following the intro to their project, we went back into the Positive Behaviors and relationships discussion. The students learned about proper handshakes, using a firm grip, and making eye contact. We also gave them a couple of scenarios in which they explained to us how they would promote themselves and handle the situations.

High School:

The mentees received a presentation by SECU Bank on the basics of budgeting. They learned about what a budget is, the importance of budgeting, what it considerations should go into making a budget, suggestions for following their budget plan, and typical percentages of how you should split your pay. They were also told that they will be building their own budget in December. If they are not working or do not have any income to create a budget, then they will be given scenarios. This session was engaging, and all positive feedback was received.

Click the photo to view the full photo gallery.


Bro. Andre Dillard leading mentor training for AACPS Staff

October 9, 2023

@OEASAaacps ⁩ Senior Manager for Mentoring Programs Bro. Andre Dillard leading mentor training for ⁦@AACountySchools
⁩ staff. ⁦@APHIA262 #annapolisalphas #APA1906Network


Alpha Academy Kicks Off New Season

September 9, 2023

There was a lot of information given in this session about what the mentees will be doing this school year, and the significant differences to the program. We are still in session once a month from September to June, but we have extended our meeting time one hour, so we will end our sessions at 1PM instead of 12PM. We are also splitting the age groups this year (Elementary, Middle, High School) in an effort to meet the specific needs of each age group. Each age group will have specific focuses and goals. We have a new digital sign-in process using QR codes, meaning each mentee will have a lanyard that they will need to bring with them each session. This will be their entry into the program each month, so it is important.
Another big change this school year is our location. Our opening session was at Georgetown East Elementary, but our remaining sessions will be held at Annapolis Middle School. Annapolis Middle is on Spa Rd., and is about 1 mile from Georgetown East Elementary School. More details to come on Annapolis Middle School.
The Pinewood Derby car project has expanded further and will continue this school year. The Pinewood Derby car project will be the main focus of the middle school aged mentees, and Race Day will consist of TWO other mentoring programs this year!!
AAMP is back in action and ready to make a difference in your son's life!! Session #1 will be on October 14th and we will start promptly at 9AM. See you There!!


Alpha Academy at Back to School Night at Arundel High School

August 31, 2023

Brothers Boles, Bertty, and Wilson participated in Arundel High School's Back to School night. They allowed parents and students to learn about Alpha Academy and the upcoming year's curriculum, which includes financial literacy, career development, public speaking, and college preparation.


School Supply Drop-off at Phoenix Academy

August 31, 2023

Today, Brothers Dillard, Hughes, Williams, and Pittman dropped off school supplies, collected at the community cookout, to Phoenix Academy. Some supplies will be shared with Mills Parole because they have a good working relationship.


HHL Participates in Bookbag Giveaways for the Start of Anne Arundel County Public Schools School Year

August 19, 2023

ANNAPOLIS and SEVERN, MD. On August 19, 2023, the Brothers of the Eta Eta Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated, divided and conquered to support simultaneous bookbag and school supply giveaways to benefit the children and families of Anne Arundel County, Maryland.
The Bywater Backpack Giveaway was held at the Boys and Girls Club on Copeland Street in Annapolis. Chapter Brothers Dr. Bedell (Anne Arundel County Public Schools Superintendent), Dillard, Gray, Henson, and Moore joined with other community partners to assist in the facilitation of the program. This is an annual program in Annapolis which benefits families from across the city of Annapolis. The event is a pivotal event to support readiness for the school year for many families in the city.
The Meade / North County Back to School Backpack Appreciation Block Party was held at Van Bokkelen Elementary School in Severn, MD. Brothers Bertty, Whaley, Owens, Brailsford, Dove, Boles, Butler-Sims, and Hood helped hand out hundreds of backpacks and school supplies with community members and other organizations from the Divine Nine. Brother Dr. Bedell also made an appearance at this event to support the chapter and members of the school district staff who were among the participants and coordinators for this event. This was the second year the Meade/North County Black to School Backpack and Appreciation Block Party was held and based on attendance, it is safe to say it will return next year.
Between the two events, brothers of the Eta Eta Lambda Chapter assisted in the distribution of over 600 backpacks and hundreds of other school supplies. Supporting these kinds of events is important to the brotherhood. Finding inspiration from the Go to High School, Go to College National Program, preparing children for school and ensuring they have the support and the supplies they need to remove any initial barriers to learning is a critical part of our motto – being Servants of All.

Next year, the chapter sets it sights on helping to increase the numbers of families we reach at each of the events by increasing our financial support of these worthwhile initiatives.


HHL Closes Another Successful Alpha Academy Year

June 10, 2023

ANNAPOLIS, MD. On June 10, 2023, the Eta Eta Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha
Fraternity, Incorporated closed another successful year of its signature mentoring program,
Alpha Academy. Alpha Academy is a program thrust of the Project Alpha national program
championed by the international organization. The program kicks off in August and runs through
the academic school year. Young men from grades 3-12 engage in a 10-month long program where the brothers of the Eta Eta Lambda Chapter spend the second Saturday of every month with them teaching and coaching them on a wide variety of topics which range from personal grooming and professional dress to fiscal responsibility, knowing your rights in interacting with law enforcement, and college preparedness.

This year’s program included mentoring over 100 young men over the course of the year and added an additional high school centric program at a secondary site within Anne Arundel County Public Schools. The programs were hosted at Georgetown East Elementary School in Annapolis and Arundel High School in Gambrills.

The highlights from this year’s program included the return of the very successful engineering and carpentry skills project in the form of the creation of Pinewood Derby cars, a project championed by Michael Bertty, II. and Brothers Dr. Adrian Hood. This year’s project also featured a collaboration with Alpha Phi Alpha’s Pi Upsilon Lambda Chapter (seated in Upper Marlboro, Maryland), in the form of a Pinewood Derby race against their mentoring program.

There was also a college visit to Stockton University in New Jersey and a walking African-American History tour of Annapolis.

From the program kickoff at Annapolis Bowling Alley to the closeout program at Georgetown East, which featured an immersive game truck experience from local and minority business owner Carl Hampton, the proprietor of Big Show Trucks, Committee Chair, and newly elected Director of Educational Activities, Brother Stephen Williams helmed one of the Alpha Academy program’s most successful year ever.


Bro. Andre Dillard Leads New Anne Arundel County School Mentoring Program

May 28, 2023

The senior manager of mentorship programs is a brand new position created by Anne Arundel County School Superintendent, Chapter Bro. Dr. Mark Bedell. The position was created to ensure that the school system will offer a diverse portfolio of mentoring options for community volunteers seeking to mentor youth, create partnerships with outside organizations that already have established mentoring programs, and ensure each student who has a mentor or is part of a mentor program, will receives the unique type of support that best meets their needs.

The senior manager of mentorship programs will ensure that the school system embraces a district-wide strategy to engage more students in all levels (elementary, middle, & high schools) based mentoring programs. Mentoring within schools has become an increasingly popular and effective way to bring a caring adult or older peer relationship to the lives of more youth. The goal of this new position is to provide opportunities for students to partner with a caring adult that will help them to better achieve educational and social-emotional growth and development.

Bro. Dillard will be the first person to hold the position and build it from the ground up.

Bro. Dr. Bedell is winding down his 1st full year. When asked about this program, he said the school mentor program is the start of a long process of bringing hope and opportunity to every student in the county, a mission he’s been on since 1997. “We still have people in parts of our community where they feel hopeless,” he said. “If we can instill hope in our educators of what could be self-efficacy being significantly improved, not only in the educator but in the children, that’s where the magic begins to take place from a belief standpoint.”


Pinewood Derby - Race Day

May 20, 2023

Race Day against Pi Upsilon Lambda Chapter at Arundel High School.


AAMP - Painting of the Pinewood Derby Cars

April 22, 2023

Today, the weather held off just long enough for Alpha Academy mentees to complete painting of their Pinewood Derby cars. Race Day is May 20th as Eta Eta Lambda will take on the Alpha Academy Program of Pi Upsilon Lambda.


Alpha Academy - Know Your Rights - Session 7

April 8, 2023

Alpha Academy recognizes the critical importance of educating its students on their rights, and thus, it ensures that this topic is covered annually. This year's session was particularly informative, with guest speakers Bro. Officer Maury Fontaine from the PG County Police Department and Dr. Ja'Ken T. Caston the Principle at Jessup Correctional Institution.

During the session, the mentees gained valuable insights into how to interact with the police, including what to say and do when confronted by law enforcement and police motives during questioning. They also learned about different types of offenses, the distinction between theft and robbery, as well as the difference between being detained and arrested. Additionally, he spoke about the importance of body cameras and the fact that parents should not expect police to parent their kids. The mentees were deeply engaged throughout the session, with many asking multiple questions.

Dr. Caston's presentation was particularly impactful, as he shared his experiences in reforming inmates through education. The mentees learned that many inmates regretted not having positive role models in their lives. Dr. Caston also painted a vivid picture of the daily life of an inmate, including living in a cramped cell, adhering to strict eating schedules, constant monitoring, dealing with gangs, and minimal supplies when family support is lacking. The mentees asked Dr. Caston a multitude of questions, demonstrating their eagerness to learn more.

Following the "Know Your Rights" discussion, the mentees moved on to the challenging task of balancing their cars. This activity required them to determine the appropriate weight to add to their cars and the optimal location for the car's center of gravity within a specified range from the rear axle. This ensures that the cars are heavy enough to mitigate aerodynamic drag and the CG is placed in an optimal location to maximize potential energy without the negative effect of snaking.


Arundel High School March Session – Building Credit

March 16, 2023

Bro. Williams and Bro. Bertty met with about 30 students at Arundel High on 3/16/23 for our March session. During this session, we covered the importance of credit and building credit. This session was led by SECU Bank's Mr. Quill Hamilton. SECU Bank would like to continue our partnership into the 2023-2024 school year.

We care currently working with Arundel High's John Henderson, Karol Muhammad, and Zsavelle Smack.

The young men at Arundel High School are much more receptive now that we have opened lines of communication in which we speak with the young men weekly


Youth Symposium - Womens History Month

March 11, 2023

Congratulations to our mentees for completing yet another Alpha Academy Mentoring Session. Our March session was a bit different from our other regular sessions and was open to all parents, young men and women, not just AAMP. We held a Youth Symposium in partnership with the Lambda Delta Sigma Chapter of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Inc. We started our session by celebrating Women's History month, learning the background of the celebration and how it began and our mentees got to hear from a couple of women who have advanced in their industries, talk about Women's History Month and its importance to them. Our Youth Symposium consisted of many fun activities such as learning chess, Barbershop talk for the young men where we have dialogue about real issues/problems/concerns they are dealing with as well as get any questions they may have answered. We also had "Salon Talk - A shop full of sisters" which was the Barbershop talk equivalent for the young ladies. The young ladies also had a "Punch & Paint" workshop where they got to socialize, paint, and have punch and snacks. There were also smaller STEM workshops setup in the gym that the boys and girls could visit at their leisure. We had fun fitness activities and relay activities where the mentees got to pie the mentors in the face. There was a living museum where QR codes were used to make the different exhibits come to life. The AAMP mentees got to continue progress on their pinewood derby cars in preparation for Race Day on May 20th. We even had workshops for the parents that covered various health related topics. We plan to bring the youth symposium back even bigger in 2024!!


AAMP - African American Heritage Tour of Annapolis

February 18, 2023

HAPPY BLACK HISTORY MONTH!! In celebration of Black History month, the Alpha Academy mentoring program had two sessions. On our second session, held February 18th, we took our mentees on a walking tour where they learned about the rich BLACK history that built the city of Annapolis.

The tour was led by Janice Hayes-Williams & Stacie Williams of Our Local Legacy Tours. The version of the tour that we went on was called the "Up Town Tour".

We started at Asbury United Methodist Church on West St., we visited and learned about the Stanton Center and its importance to the community being one of the first 1 room school houses in Annapolis for black boys and girls.

Our next stop was the Civil Rights Foot Soldiers Memorial and learned about the March on Washington where 500 residents from Annapolis and Anne Arundel County loaded buses to attend the March on Washington on August 28th 1963 to fight for jobs and freedom. We learned about how this was one of the major turning points in the Civil Rights Movement.

Next we were given special access to tour the Banneker Douglas museum and learn about the artifacts and paintings inside as well as the history of the building and what it meant for black people in Annapolis, and many other historical facts on the way.

We also visited the State House, took a tour of the inside, and learned about Thurgood Marshall and about his statue located right out back.

This was an amazing session that had our mentees mind blown with the rich history they learned, and they had plenty of questions for our tour guides. We encourage all who have not taken any of the Black History Walking Tours to schedule one for you and your family in 2023. It is truly an experience!


AAMP - Towson Basketball

February 17, 2023

Alpha Academy at a Towson University Basketball Game.


Eta Eta Lambda Foundation Donates $4050.60 to Annapolis Middle School

February 17, 2023

This past Friday HHΛ brothers were able to participate in Annapolis Middle School’s First Annual Black History Month program. This event was able to highlight organizations across the county as well as the AACO-NPHC. On behalf of the HHΛ foundation, we were able to present a check to the school in the amount of $4050.60 towards school uniforms for the students.


AAMP - Towson Basketball

February 17, 2023

Alpha Academy at a Towson University Basketball Game.


AAMP - Annapolis High School - Stocks

February 16, 2023

Alpha Academy has a program at Annapolis High School during their lunch hour. This Thursday, we talked to the students about stocks and investing.


Walking Tour of Annapolis - Black History Month

February 11, 2023

HAPPY BLACK HISTORY MONTH!! In celebration of Black History month, the Alpha Academy mentoring program had two sessions. On our second session, held February 18th, we took our mentees on a walking tour where they learned about the rich BLACK history that built the city of Annapolis. The tour was led by Janice Hayes-Williams & Stacie Williams of Our Local Legacy Tours. The version of the tour that we went on was called the "Up Town Tour". We started at Asbury United Methodist Church on West st., we visited and learned about the Stanton Center and its importance to the community being one of the first 1 room school houses in Annapolis for black boys and girls. Our next stop was the Civil Rights Foot Soldiers Memorial and learned about the March on Washington where 500 residents from Annapolis and Anne Arundel County loaded buses to attend the March on Washington on August 28th 1963 to fight for jobs and freedom. We learned about how this was one of the major turning points in the Civil Rights Movement. Next we were given special access to tour the Banneker Douglas museum and learn about the artifacts and paintings inside as well as the history of the building and what it meant for black people in Annapolis, and many other historical facts on the way. We also visited the State House, took a tour of the inside, and learned about Thurgood Marshall and about his statue located right out back. This was an amazing session that had our mentees mind blown with the rich history they learned, and they had plenty of questions for our tour guides. We encourage all who have not taken any of the Black History Walking Tours to schedule one for you and your family in 2023. It is truly an experience!


Alpha Academy - Session 4 - Positive Behaviors and Relationships

January 14, 2023

We were extremely excited to meet with our mentees following the Holidays. Our first session in 2023 was a success and we are currently still on schedule with our Pinewood Derby Car Project. The session's topic was "Positive Behavior and Relationships" and it was led by brothers Jamar Turner and Nivek Johnson. During the session, after a brief recap of our December session, we covered many topics heavily affecting our mentees today. We discussed stereotypes, what they are, and how they affect how we are perceived, manhood and what that means to our mentees, what it means to respect women, consent, and how to improve relationships with women. We were impressed at how much our mentees knew about these subjects. Following the session we split the young men into groups of about 5-6 and started the "Barbershop Talk" portion of our program. This is where we, in smaller groups, start to get to know our mentees outside of the topics we present each month. We want to emphasize belonging and safety for mentees, ensure all mentees are getting the same level of engagement, and determine what our mentees need individually and determine how to meet those needs, whether it be tutoring to help with grades, assistance with figuring out their next steps in life, family issues, and getting feedback from them on things they would like to see during our program. We plan to continue this breakout portion of the program every month moving forward. Following our breakout session we continued making progress on our Pinewood Derby car project. During the month of December the designs that our mentees designed and submitted, were cut and returned to the young men. Once they had their cars back, we let them balance their cars so they could determine the center of gravity for weight placement, gave them sandpaper, and taught them how to sand their vehicles. We had some additional cuts for those who missed December, and for the few mentees who joined the program this month so everyone is included. Their homework between this session and our next session on February 11th is to continue sanding their cars in preparation for the next steps!!!!!!!!


Alpha Academy - Session 3 - Presenting Yourself as a Black Male

December 10, 2022

We had a great session titled "How to Present Yourself as a Black Man". In this session we discussed proper hygiene and the importance of having routine hygiene practices from brushing AND flossing daily, use of deodorant and why it should be used daily, preventing dry skin/being ashy with lotion explaining to lotion the whole body, not just arms and legs and one of the most important things we all should remember on a daily, which is checking your breath!! We discussed the importance of keeping gum or mints, drinking plenty of water and eating regularly and how they all can affect your breath . We covered many aspects around regular grooming and its importance. We covered keeping your nails clipped which keeps dirt from forming under your nails, why you should wash your body AND hair daily with shampoo and conditioner to minimize dandruff and dry scalp, and keeping Chapstick to keep from dry and cracked lips. We touched on first impressions and why they are important, proper mannerisms and properly wearing a suit. We then split the session up separating the high school young men from the elementary and middle where we covered "Interviewing 101", while we worked with the elementary and middle school young men on tying ties. Every young man got to go home with at least one tie for their practice, and to complete one of their homework assignments. Regarding our Pinewood Derby Car project, we had a brief recap of what we learned in November with regards to weight placement, aerodynamics, and different examples of cars that have been already cut, to assist them with their sketches. All of the young men finalized and submitted their sketches during the December session in an effort to have them all cut and returned by January's session


Alpha Academy - Session 2 - Government and Politics

November 12, 2022

With this past week being full of voting and elections we felt it was fitting that our topic for November session #1 was Government and Politics. During this session, our aim was to explain to our mentees the importance of voting as well as dive into our country's history with regard to voting rights showing them where we were vs. where we are now. We went over some of Maryland's current elected officials and discussed the structure of voting ballots as we passed sample ballots to the mentees and got their feedback. We then moved into discussing the United States constitution. We covered its purpose and its 3 part structure (Preamble, Articles, Amendments). Being that one of the aspects of the constitution speaks on the right to vote, it was a perfect segway into our next topic of voting in the United States. We discussed the timeline of voting rights in the U.S., touching on the amendments and Acts that were passed that changed who could vote and the limitations on minority voter groups, also known as voter suppression. We also discussed the branches of government and explained the difference between the federal government and the state government and the responsibilities for each. We also touched on the local government (Town/County) explaining to our mentees that local governments control Parks and Recreation services, Police and Fire departments, Public Works, and finances for schools and community projects. We felt it was important to explain to our mentees how their schools get their money, who the AA Co. Superintendent is, and who is on the school board, the Mayor, and city council. Our takeaways from November session #1 are; our mentees will be able to identify elected officials in their communities, they will understand the importance of voting, how to identify and explain the three branches of government, and how education works in the county and state.


Alpha Academy - Session 1 - Health and Wellness

October 15, 2022

The theme of Session 1 was physical and mental health.  During this session, Brother Dr. Adrian Hood led a group discussion on healthy eating habits and techniques to make good choices when there are few options. A demonstration was also given on the different steps of taking a person's blood pressure and what each step means. We all learned something from that.

Afterwards, The "Price is Right" game was played. The group was split into 5 Mentee/Mentor teams and each tried to determine the price of a given healthy item without going over. The winning team won the snack which included packaged nuts, yogurt, bananas, smoothies, boiled eggs, and apple slices.  Bro. Brian Boles then presented information on mental health, how to identify the signs, and how to seek help.

Also, The 2022-23 rendition of the Alpha Academy Mission statement was decided. The same 5 teams worked together to come up with an upbeat rendition of our Mission Statement.  All teams submitted outstanding suggestions but in the end, it was a battle between Team 1 and Team 2. Eventually, Team 2 won out with its version including a chorus of beats hammered out on the table while the mission was read to the cadence.


Alpha Academy Kickoff

September 17, 2022

On Saturday, September 17, the Alpha Academy officially started the 2022-23 school year. Over 40 returning and new mentees showed up and each received their onboarding package inside an Alpha Academy swag bag. They, and their parents were told about the history of the program and well as what to expect this school year. They onboard packet and the curriculum was discussed. In addition, there was a open floor for mentees and parents to give feedback and suggestions for what they would like to see in the upcoming year. The session ended with the mentors and mentees chatting the Alpha Academy Mission Statement.


Kunta Kinte Festival

September 17, 2022

Scholarship and Service. This past weekend Brothers Brian Boles, Khalil Johnson, Malik Branch, Nivek Johnson and Gabe Rudasill participated in the 32nd Kunta Kinte Heritage Festival. Passing out school supplies to the community while informing them of Alpha Academy mentoring program as well as the Eta Eta Lambda Foundation


Alpha Academy Bowling

August 27, 2022

Alpha Academy held a bowling event at the Annapolis Bowl on Saturday, August 27. This event was open to anyone interested in our mentorship program. It allowed the kids to have a great time and meet new friends. It also allowed us to answer parents' questions about our school year-long program. <a href=""><u>Check out the video</u></a>


Alpha Academy - Rowan University College Tour

April 9, 2022


College Tour - Univ. of Maryland Eastern Shore

November 13, 2021

<p class="font_8">The mentors and mentees traveled by chartered bus to the University of Maryland Eastern Shore to get a tour of the campus. This is their homecoming weekend so the mentees were able to experience college life during one of the most festive times of the year. This was a day full of knowledge and fun</p>
<p class="font_8"><br></p>
<p class="font_8">View photos here:&nbsp; <a href="" target="_self"><u>UMES Visit Photos</u></a></p>


Taking Care of Yourself and Presenting Yourself as a Black Male.

October 9, 2021

<p class="font_8">aturday's session began with a discussion led by Bro. Brian Boles,</p>
<p class="font_8">Bro. Dexter Moore, and Bro. Gerald Russell on "Taking Care of Yourself</p>
<p class="font_8">and Presenting Yourself as a Black Male." It focused on hygiene,</p>
<p class="font_8">etiquette, style, and grooming. The students learned about the</p>
<p class="font_8">importance of 1st impressions, daily cleaning routines, properly wearing</p>
<p class="font_8">and accessorizing a suit, tying a tie, properly shaking hands and the</p>
<p class="font_8">importance of being respectful to women. Some students also went home with a few ties.</p>
<p class="font_8">Brother Michael Bertty got the students excited about the pinewood</p>
<p class="font_8">derby cars they will make with their mentors. He showed some example</p>
<p class="font_8">cars and received some great ideas from the students on other designs.</p>
<p class="font_8">Each student received a pinewood derby car to put into their shoeboxes.</p>
<p class="font_8"><br></p>
<p class="font_8">View photos here:</p>


Alpha Academy Kickoff

September 11, 2021

<p class="font_8">Today we kicked off the 2021-22 Alpha Academy season at Georgetown East in Annapolis, MD. Mentees and parents were given an introduction by our Director of Educational Activities, Bro. Brian Boles. He gave an overview of the program and what everyone should expect. He went over the form and answered any questions parents had. He then had the<br>
mentees participate in some ice breaker activities that required interaction with possible future mentors. We provided chicken sandwiches and drinks from Chick-Fil-A as well as some fruit.<br>
Brother Dextor Moore then talked about our STEM-focused activities, including mechanisms, robotics, racing cars, and chess. He spoke about the advantages of having a strong STEM background.&nbsp;<br>
Brother Michael Bertty and Brother Boles then highlighted our season-long Pinewood Derby activity, with mentees and mentors designing, cutting, sanding, painting, and building racing cars. There will be awards for fastest cars, best design, and more. After the discussion, Brother Bertty ran his sleek-red car against Bro. Boles', regal-looking, old gold with black stripes beauty. They went back and forth with winning, and after a few races, the mentees got involved. We could see that this activity is going to be fun for all of us.</p>


Alpha Academy - Punt, Pass, and Kick

November 21, 2020

<p class="font_8">Punt, Pass, and Kick competition</p>

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