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Tech Committee Tasks

12/2/22, 2:32 PM

<p>Lineage dataset was updated based on information on Alpha MX. The Spring/Fall designation is based on the initiation date in Alpha MX. There were some differences on the previous chart.</p><p> </p><p>Reconcile Lineage issue with: </p><p>Charles Gibbs - Initiated on 10/10/59. Was he Fall &#x27;89 (first line?)</p><p> Rufus Abernaty (Initiaion Date May 26, 1950 (Before HHL)...How is that?)</p><p>Francis Noel - 5/1/1962 (Spring &#x27;62) Was not on the previous chart</p><p> </p><p>Reconcile Lineage issue with Chuckie&#x27;s Line: More brothers on previous lineage chart than were online via AlphaMX</p>

11/15/22, 11:20 PM

<p>Create list of possible queries</p>

11/10/22, 4:11 PM

<p>Attach current galleries to an event in the ChapterNews dataset and use dynamic pages. Eventually, get rid of all the gallery pages.</p>

11/3/22, 5:01 PM

11/15/22, 11:37 PM

<p>Create directories on HHL Storage</p>

11/10/22, 4:10 PM

<p>Look at having the Chapter Directory entry form be accessed after login and the membership ID is entered automatically and cannot be changed. This will deal with the issue of brother&#x27;s being able to change database information of other brothers without admin rights.</p>

11/15/22, 11:38 PM

<p>Create graphic showing folder structure</p>

11/15/22, 11:36 PM

<p>Look at benefits of creating a custom element.</p><p> </p>

12/2/22, 2:34 PM

<p>Determine how to add photos to media gallery field in dataset via code. Wix Tech support was contacted on 12/1/2022. Code was developed that is able to add a single photo to the photo field.</p>

11/3/22, 9:40 PM

<p>Golf Tournament</p><ul><li>Create Flyer Concepts</li><li>Create URL</li><li>Create CashApp Account and get QR Code</li></ul>

11/17/22, 10:15 PM

<p>Determine a way to make documents viewable by roles. Unfortunately, using the Google Drive app does not appear to be a solution. This is because the folder must be marked as public with &quot;Public on the web&quot; and &quot;Anyone with the link&quot; set to &#x27;ON&#x27;. This does not appear to be secure.</p>

11/3/22, 8:45 PM

<p>Another Test</p>
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