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The “Go-to-High-School, Go-to-College” program, established in 1922, concentrates on the importance of completing secondary and collegiate education as a road to advancement.

Latest "Go to HS/Go to College" News


Alpha Academy Kicks Off New Season


There was a lot of information given in this session about what the mentees will be doing this school year, and the significant differences to the program. We are still in session once a month from September to June, but we have extended our meeting time one hour, so we will end our sessions at 1PM instead of 12PM. We are also splitting the age groups this year (Elementary, Middle, High School) in an effort to meet the specific needs of each age group. Each age group will have specific focuses and goals. We have a new digital sign-in process using QR codes, meaning each mentee will have a lanyard that they will need to bring with them each session. This will be their entry into the program each month, so it is important.
Another big change this school year is our location. Our opening session was at Georgetown East Elementary, but our remaining sessions will be held at Annapolis Middle School. Annapolis Middle is on Spa Rd., and is about 1 mile from Georgetown East Elementary School. More details to come on Annapolis Middle School.
The Pinewood Derby car project has expanded further and will continue this school year. The Pinewood Derby car project will be the main focus of the middle school aged mentees, and Race Day will consist of TWO other mentoring programs this year!!
AAMP is back in action and ready to make a difference in your son's life!! Session #1 will be on October 14th and we will start promptly at 9AM. See you There!!


School Supply Drop-off at Phoenix Academy


Today, Brothers Dillard, Hughes, Williams, and Pittman dropped off school supplies, collected at the community cookout, to Phoenix Academy. Some supplies will be shared with Mills Parole because they have a good working relationship.


HHL Participates in Bookbag Giveaways for the Start of Anne Arundel County Public Schools School Year


ANNAPOLIS and SEVERN, MD. On August 19, 2023, the Brothers of the Eta Eta Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated, divided and conquered to support simultaneous bookbag and school supply giveaways to benefit the children and families of Anne Arundel County, Maryland.
The Bywater Backpack Giveaway was held at the Boys and Girls Club on Copeland Street in Annapolis. Chapter Brothers Dr. Bedell (Anne Arundel County Public Schools Superintendent), Dillard, Gray, Henson, and Moore joined with other community partners to assist in the facilitation of the program. This is an annual program in Annapolis which benefits families from across the city of Annapolis. The event is a pivotal event to support readiness for the school year for many families in the city.
The Meade / North County Back to School Backpack Appreciation Block Party was held at Van Bokkelen Elementary School in Severn, MD. Brothers Bertty, Whaley, Owens, Brailsford, Dove, Boles, Butler-Sims, and Hood helped hand out hundreds of backpacks and school supplies with community members and other organizations from the Divine Nine. Brother Dr. Bedell also made an appearance at this event to support the chapter and members of the school district staff who were among the participants and coordinators for this event. This was the second year the Meade/North County Black to School Backpack and Appreciation Block Party was held and based on attendance, it is safe to say it will return next year.
Between the two events, brothers of the Eta Eta Lambda Chapter assisted in the distribution of over 600 backpacks and hundreds of other school supplies. Supporting these kinds of events is important to the brotherhood. Finding inspiration from the Go to High School, Go to College National Program, preparing children for school and ensuring they have the support and the supplies they need to remove any initial barriers to learning is a critical part of our motto – being Servants of All.

Next year, the chapter sets it sights on helping to increase the numbers of families we reach at each of the events by increasing our financial support of these worthwhile initiatives.


Bro. Andre Dillard Leads New Anne Arundel County School Mentoring Program


The senior manager of mentorship programs is a brand new position created by Anne Arundel County School Superintendent, Chapter Bro. Dr. Mark Bedell. The position was created to ensure that the school system will offer a diverse portfolio of mentoring options for community volunteers seeking to mentor youth, create partnerships with outside organizations that already have established mentoring programs, and ensure each student who has a mentor or is part of a mentor program, will receives the unique type of support that best meets their needs.

The senior manager of mentorship programs will ensure that the school system embraces a district-wide strategy to engage more students in all levels (elementary, middle, & high schools) based mentoring programs. Mentoring within schools has become an increasingly popular and effective way to bring a caring adult or older peer relationship to the lives of more youth. The goal of this new position is to provide opportunities for students to partner with a caring adult that will help them to better achieve educational and social-emotional growth and development.

Bro. Dillard will be the first person to hold the position and build it from the ground up.

Bro. Dr. Bedell is winding down his 1st full year. When asked about this program, he said the school mentor program is the start of a long process of bringing hope and opportunity to every student in the county, a mission he’s been on since 1997. “We still have people in parts of our community where they feel hopeless,” he said. “If we can instill hope in our educators of what could be self-efficacy being significantly improved, not only in the educator but in the children, that’s where the magic begins to take place from a belief standpoint.”


AAMP - Painting of the Pinewood Derby Cars


Today, the weather held off just long enough for Alpha Academy mentees to complete painting of their Pinewood Derby cars. Race Day is May 20th as Eta Eta Lambda will take on the Alpha Academy Program of Pi Upsilon Lambda.


Brothers take GEES mentors to the Reginald Lewis Museum


Brothers Andre Dillard, Marrell Harden and Jamar Turner took eight young black males from Georgetown East Elementary School (GEES) to the Reginald Lewis Museum in Baltimore, MD. After the museum visit we had lunch at Chick-fil-a and Chipotle. The young men had a great time! These young scholars are part of the GEES Black Male Mentor Program. In addition to Brother Dillard (GEES principal), Brothers Marrell Harden, James Henson, Tye Gillins and Clarence Edmond serve as mentors to the young men and come to the school once a week for one on one mentoring sessions. There are several other trips and activities planned for the mentees over the next couple of months including a trip to the local bowling alley, a visit from a game truck, and a charter boat fishing trip on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

Programs like these are crucial in supporting young black males and helping them thrive academically, socially, and emotionally. By providing them with positive role models, engaging activities, and unique experiences, the program is helping to empower these young scholars and set them on a path for success. Kudos to Brothers Dillard, Harden, Henson, Gillins, Edmond, and Turner for their dedication to mentoring and making a positive impact in the lives of these young men.


Arundel High School March Session – Building Credit


Bro. Williams and Bro. Bertty met with about 30 students at Arundel High on 3/16/23 for our March session. During this session, we covered the importance of credit and building credit. This session was led by SECU Bank's Mr. Quill Hamilton. SECU Bank would like to continue our partnership into the 2023-2024 school year.

We care currently working with Arundel High's John Henderson, Karol Muhammad, and Zsavelle Smack.

The young men at Arundel High School are much more receptive now that we have opened lines of communication in which we speak with the young men weekly


Walking Tour of Annapolis - Black History Month


HAPPY BLACK HISTORY MONTH!! In celebration of Black History month, the Alpha Academy mentoring program had two sessions. On our second session, held February 18th, we took our mentees on a walking tour where they learned about the rich BLACK history that built the city of Annapolis. The tour was led by Janice Hayes-Williams & Stacie Williams of Our Local Legacy Tours. The version of the tour that we went on was called the "Up Town Tour". We started at Asbury United Methodist Church on West st., we visited and learned about the Stanton Center and its importance to the community being one of the first 1 room school houses in Annapolis for black boys and girls. Our next stop was the Civil Rights Foot Soldiers Memorial and learned about the March on Washington where 500 residents from Annapolis and Anne Arundel County loaded buses to attend the March on Washington on August 28th 1963 to fight for jobs and freedom. We learned about how this was one of the major turning points in the Civil Rights Movement. Next we were given special access to tour the Banneker Douglas museum and learn about the artifacts and paintings inside as well as the history of the building and what it meant for black people in Annapolis, and many other historical facts on the way. We also visited the State House, took a tour of the inside, and learned about Thurgood Marshall and about his statue located right out back. This was an amazing session that had our mentees mind blown with the rich history they learned, and they had plenty of questions for our tour guides. We encourage all who have not taken any of the Black History Walking Tours to schedule one for you and your family in 2023. It is truly an experience!


Youth Symposium - Womens History Month


Congratulations to our mentees for completing yet another Alpha Academy Mentoring Session. Our March session was a bit different from our other regular sessions and was open to all parents, young men and women, not just AAMP. We held a Youth Symposium in partnership with the Lambda Delta Sigma Chapter of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Inc. We started our session by celebrating Women's History month, learning the background of the celebration and how it began and our mentees got to hear from a couple of women who have advanced in their industries, talk about Women's History Month and its importance to them. Our Youth Symposium consisted of many fun activities such as learning chess, Barbershop talk for the young men where we have dialogue about real issues/problems/concerns they are dealing with as well as get any questions they may have answered. We also had "Salon Talk - A shop full of sisters" which was the Barbershop talk equivalent for the young ladies. The young ladies also had a "Punch & Paint" workshop where they got to socialize, paint, and have punch and snacks. There were also smaller STEM workshops setup in the gym that the boys and girls could visit at their leisure. We had fun fitness activities and relay activities where the mentees got to pie the mentors in the face. There was a living museum where QR codes were used to make the different exhibits come to life. The AAMP mentees got to continue progress on their pinewood derby cars in preparation for Race Day on May 20th. We even had workshops for the parents that covered various health related topics. We plan to bring the youth symposium back even bigger in 2024!!

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