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Alpha Academy - Know Your Rights - Session 7

Alpha Academy - Know Your Rights - Session 7
Alpha Academy recognizes the critical importance of educating its students on their rights, and thus, it ensures that this topic is covered annually. This year's session was particularly informative, with guest speakers Bro. Officer Maury Fontaine from the PG County Police Department and Dr. Ja'Ken T. Caston the Principle at Jessup Correctional Institution.

During the session, the mentees gained valuable insights into how to interact with the police, including what to say and do when confronted by law enforcement and police motives during questioning. They also learned about different types of offenses, the distinction between theft and robbery, as well as the difference between being detained and arrested. Additionally, he spoke about the importance of body cameras and the fact that parents should not expect police to parent their kids. The mentees were deeply engaged throughout the session, with many asking multiple questions.

Dr. Caston's presentation was particularly impactful, as he shared his experiences in reforming inmates through education. The mentees learned that many inmates regretted not having positive role models in their lives. Dr. Caston also painted a vivid picture of the daily life of an inmate, including living in a cramped cell, adhering to strict eating schedules, constant monitoring, dealing with gangs, and minimal supplies when family support is lacking. The mentees asked Dr. Caston a multitude of questions, demonstrating their eagerness to learn more.

Following the "Know Your Rights" discussion, the mentees moved on to the challenging task of balancing their cars. This activity required them to determine the appropriate weight to add to their cars and the optimal location for the car's center of gravity within a specified range from the rear axle. This ensures that the cars are heavy enough to mitigate aerodynamic drag and the CG is placed in an optimal location to maximize potential energy without the negative effect of snaking.
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