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Alpha Academy - Session 1 - Health and Wellness

Alpha Academy - Session 1 - Health and Wellness
The theme of Session 1 was physical and mental health.  During this session, Brother Dr. Adrian Hood led a group discussion on healthy eating habits and techniques to make good choices when there are few options. A demonstration was also given on the different steps of taking a person's blood pressure and what each step means. We all learned something from that.

Afterwards, The "Price is Right" game was played. The group was split into 5 Mentee/Mentor teams and each tried to determine the price of a given healthy item without going over. The winning team won the snack which included packaged nuts, yogurt, bananas, smoothies, boiled eggs, and apple slices.  Bro. Brian Boles then presented information on mental health, how to identify the signs, and how to seek help.

Also, The 2022-23 rendition of the Alpha Academy Mission statement was decided. The same 5 teams worked together to come up with an upbeat rendition of our Mission Statement.  All teams submitted outstanding suggestions but in the end, it was a battle between Team 1 and Team 2. Eventually, Team 2 won out with its version including a chorus of beats hammered out on the table while the mission was read to the cadence.
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