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Alpha Academy January 2024 Session

Alpha Academy January 2024 Session
We had a great turnout for our first session of 2024 this past weekend. We are excited that attendance is improving and hope to finish the program and the school year strong. Your attendance is important.

After introductions, presenting the overview for the day, and feeding the mentees, we did a presentation on the importance of Time Management and Organizational skills. We introduced them to Time management and its importance, the Eisenhower Matrix, why time management matters, common time wasters, and tips for effective time management. They were left with worksheets to assist them with personal time management. After our group discussion, we split up so that each age group could continue with their projects and learning journeys.

Elementary school mentees continued their STEM learning journey by working in teams to learn the engineering concepts behind robots and build their own robot.

Middle school mentees received their cut Pinewood Derby cars and should be sanding their cars between now and our next meeting on Feb 10th.

The High School mentees participated in a resume building workshop and played Red Ink’d Taboo where they learned about personal branding, different ways to describe various career professions, and how to translate the work they do and hobbies they have into relevant work experience to be included on their resumes and college applications. They were left with worksheets to assist them in resume building. They are supposed to be answering the questions and bringing the worksheets back with them next month.
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