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Alpha Academy Kicks Off New Season

Alpha Academy Kicks Off New Season
There was a lot of information given in this session about what the mentees will be doing this school year, and the significant differences to the program. We are still in session once a month from September to June, but we have extended our meeting time one hour, so we will end our sessions at 1PM instead of 12PM. We are also splitting the age groups this year (Elementary, Middle, High School) in an effort to meet the specific needs of each age group. Each age group will have specific focuses and goals. We have a new digital sign-in process using QR codes, meaning each mentee will have a lanyard that they will need to bring with them each session. This will be their entry into the program each month, so it is important.
Another big change this school year is our location. Our opening session was at Georgetown East Elementary, but our remaining sessions will be held at Annapolis Middle School. Annapolis Middle is on Spa Rd., and is about 1 mile from Georgetown East Elementary School. More details to come on Annapolis Middle School.
The Pinewood Derby car project has expanded further and will continue this school year. The Pinewood Derby car project will be the main focus of the middle school aged mentees, and Race Day will consist of TWO other mentoring programs this year!!
AAMP is back in action and ready to make a difference in your son's life!! Session #1 will be on October 14th and we will start promptly at 9AM. See you There!!
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