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Bro. Stanley Simmons visits Egypt with other Fraternity Brothers

Bro. Stanley Simmons visits Egypt with other Fraternity Brothers
Our Brother Stan Simmons and his wife recently visited Egypt along with other Brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. They sang the Fraternity hymn together
and recited the fraternity prayer at the Great Sphinx of Gisa in Cairo. He visited the temples of Karnak and Rameses ll in
Luxor. Bro. Simmons said, “The amount of excavation is amazing, as is the building of statutes, obelisk, and other specifications for king/god, his courtesan, and his children.
Amazing to see these temples at the two ends of a major boulevard in Luxor.”

His camel rides were exciting, but he and the camels didn’t interact well. He almost took a header when getting off one. Brothers visited the Nubian Village in Aswan, Egypt. It was an exciting place where people worshipped Nile crocodiles and had some in their homes. There was a lot of aggressive selling and a great lunch.

Brothers honored the village by singing the Fraternity hymn. Beautiful morning float down the Nile. I was surprised by some young boys who paddled up to sing songs and ask for money. If you plan to visit, get ready for many steps from the dock to the village and walk
around the village—a great addition to the trip.
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