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HHL Closes Another Successful Alpha Academy Year

HHL Closes Another Successful Alpha Academy Year
ANNAPOLIS, MD. On June 10, 2023, the Eta Eta Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha
Fraternity, Incorporated closed another successful year of its signature mentoring program,
Alpha Academy. Alpha Academy is a program thrust of the Project Alpha national program
championed by the international organization. The program kicks off in August and runs through
the academic school year. Young men from grades 3-12 engage in a 10-month long program where the brothers of the Eta Eta Lambda Chapter spend the second Saturday of every month with them teaching and coaching them on a wide variety of topics which range from personal grooming and professional dress to fiscal responsibility, knowing your rights in interacting with law enforcement, and college preparedness.

This year’s program included mentoring over 100 young men over the course of the year and added an additional high school centric program at a secondary site within Anne Arundel County Public Schools. The programs were hosted at Georgetown East Elementary School in Annapolis and Arundel High School in Gambrills.

The highlights from this year’s program included the return of the very successful engineering and carpentry skills project in the form of the creation of Pinewood Derby cars, a project championed by Michael Bertty, II. and Brothers Dr. Adrian Hood. This year’s project also featured a collaboration with Alpha Phi Alpha’s Pi Upsilon Lambda Chapter (seated in Upper Marlboro, Maryland), in the form of a Pinewood Derby race against their mentoring program.

There was also a college visit to Stockton University in New Jersey and a walking African-American History tour of Annapolis.

From the program kickoff at Annapolis Bowling Alley to the closeout program at Georgetown East, which featured an immersive game truck experience from local and minority business owner Carl Hampton, the proprietor of Big Show Trucks, Committee Chair, and newly elected Director of Educational Activities, Brother Stephen Williams helmed one of the Alpha Academy program’s most successful year ever.
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